Mensana Clinic has helped many individuals achieve sobriety by teaching effective coping mechanisms to manage pain. Long term happiness is within reach. Success can be achieved when individuals understand and are able to employ the critical techniques to combat chronic pain.

As professionals in the field of addiction,┬áMensana Clinic’s staff helps individuals develop new ways to manage chronic pain.

Most individuals enter the program relying on medication that revolve around the use of substances to keep from dealing with pain, unpleasant emotions, and life in general. In order for treatment to be effective, each individual needs to be open to understanding the distress behind the addiction as well as learning new ways of thinking to replace these unhealthy and damaging coping practices.

Many of the techniques we teach have been proven over decades; other methods are on the cutting edge of treatment. We incorporate a holistic approach in the recovery process. We provide a variety of different treatment modalities, allowing us to reach each individual on multiple levels. By targeting and treating these different areas of life affected by addiction, we are able to help the individual transform key behaviors that foster long term recovery.